Shipping Costs: How Do I Cover Them With My Dropshipping Store

Video transcript: Everyone, my name is David and it’s question time. Just like each week, we’re taking a closer look at questions that you all dropped into the comments of videos on our YouTube channel. If you have questions of your own don’t be shy. Alright, here’s what we got today. Vicky wants to know how to add an additional fee for shipping costs at checkout to pay for packaging from a particular supplier. Well, the short answer would be always try to avoid adding shipping costs at check-out, always.

Few things will trigger more abandoned checkouts than a surprise fee that pops up right before the shopper clicks, “Purchase”. What we suggest, is that you try to incorporate any additional shipping costs into the price of the product. Of course, you wanna keep your prices as low as possible, but just about anything is preferable to adding shipping costs at check out.

Increase Prices to Cover Shipping Cost and Offer Free Shipping

Large ship carrying containers indicates shipping costs

If you do have to charge a bit more for products, then you can offset that by offering free shipping. Nobody like additional fees, but everybody likes free. So if your products cost a couple of extra bucks to cover packaging, then make sure your shoppers know that the shipping part is already included. Our final recommendation would be to try to find the same product from a different supplier, one that doesn’t have these extra fees. You can often find the same product offered by numerous suppliers, so if the product is good but the shipping costs aren’t, see if you can use a different supplier.

Oberlo has special features that let you swap out suppliers without having to do an overhaul of your product catalog. Got your own question, shoot. We’re scanning the comments every day and would love to use your question in our next video. We’ll be cranking out videos every week, so if you’re as into drop shipping as we are, subscribe for more. Until next time, happy dropshipping.

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