Oberlo Product Statistics

Exclusive product data, available only on Oberlo. Find great products
to sell using Oberlo Product Statistics.

Oberlo Product Statistics

See Product Reviews

Identify high-quality products on Oberlo. Reviews let you know how many customers reviewed a product and how positive their reviews were.

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See Product Reviews

Scope Out the Competition

Find out how many Oberlo merchants are selling a given product. The green Imports icon tells you how many merchants have imported a product to their store.

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Scope Out the Competition

Get Exclusive Marketing Insights

Gauge the ease or difficulty of marketing a product. With the blue Pageviews icon, you can see how many times a product has been viewed across all Shopify stores.

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Get Exclusive Marketing Insights

Find Products that Sell

Oberlo Product Statistics puts sales data at your fingertips. Look for the orange Orders icon to see the number of orders a product has received.

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Find Products that Sell

Explore the Data

Discover great products to sell using Oberlo Product Statistics


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a marketplace that makes it easy to find awesome products to sell online.

With Oberlo you can access a huge variety of different products with just a few clicks. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, toys, beauty, or the next trending product – Oberlo makes it easy for you to find products from suppliers all over the world and instantly add them to your own online store.

Once you’ve made a sale your supplier will ship the products from their warehouse straight to your customer’s doorstep – you’ll never need to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.

Instead, you can focus on the things which really matter – growing your brand and making sales.

With Oberlo, it costs nothing to add products to your store – you can select the forever free plan to start dropshipping today.

Stop dreaming. Start building. Sign up with Oberlo now.

How does Oberlo work?

Oberlo helps you to find products to sell online by connecting you to suppliers across the world. You can browse our marketplace to discover a huge variety of products, and add them to your store with just a few clicks.

What can I find on Oberlo?

Oberlo gives you access to a huge variety of products from three different types of suppliers: Oberlo Verified suppliers, Oberlo suppliers, and AliExpress suppliers.

Oberlo Verified

With Oberlo Verified, you’ll never need to worry about finding exceptional suppliers – we’ve already picked them out for you.

These top-performing suppliers on our marketplace have been providing the highest quality service for our merchants over a sustained period.

Oberlo Suppliers

Oberlo suppliers provide you with a wealth of awesome products – all of which have been added directly into our marketplace.

We offer automated one-click order shipping for their products, and we’ve checked their warehouses, working conditions, and business documentation to ensure that they’re 100% dedicated to providing a high-quality service for Oberlo users.

AliExpress Suppliers

AliExpress suppliers offer a huge catalogue of products that you can import to your store.

However, AliExpress is an independent platform with independent suppliers, so we haven’t checked through their operations and we can’t ensure high performance levels from their suppliers.

This also means that you won’t be able to take advantage of automated one-click order shipping, or any of the other benefits that come with Oberlo Verified suppliers and Oberlo suppliers.

Is Oberlo available in my country?

Yes! Oberlo is available worldwide.

Is Oberlo only available on Shopify?

Yes. Oberlo works exclusively on Shopify’s platform.

More Questions?

Our Help Center is open 24/7. If you’d like to email us, reach out to our customer success specialists here.

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