Ecommerce News: How to Find Actionable Insights for Your Business?

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Running a small ecommerce store means a lot of responsibilities. It means featuring a great, user-friendly design to make the customer’s user experience top-notch. It means always having your products in stock as much as possible. It also means shipping smoothly, so your customers get what they ordered from your website as quickly as possible. Looking through ecommerce news is certainly not something that you’d think you have time on.

Yet one of the most underrated and unappreciated aspects of running your online store is locating the most actionable ecommerce news. After all, you want to stay well-informed about everything that’s happening in your industry…and you also want some inspiration if you want to launch and then publish a dedicated ecommerce blog to bring in more leads from organic search traffic.

That’s all well and good, but it begs the question: where will you find the best ecommerce news for your small business? Google Alerts? Simply doing random searches on the web?

We’ve got a better way for you! Here’s an authoritative list of the best ecommerce news sites that you should regularly check to help you optimize and run your ecommerce business excellently.

Practical Ecommerce


Long one of the most-visited ecommerce-news sites on the planet, Practical Ecommerce publishes many articles several times a week and sometimes a few times a day. Run out of Colorado, U.S.A., this publication explains ecommerce news and principles in a way that’s easy to understand, so you don’t have to be a seasoned online business owner to get a lot out of it!

Featuring articles and coverage from ecommerce journalists, consultants and practitioners, the site covers these basic aspects of online businesses:

  • Conversions
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Design & development

Many of the articles you’ll find here are either roundups (for example, 5 of the Best…) or straightforward news coverage of topics like new Google algorithm updates’ impact on ecommerce.




Moz is more of a blog about SEO, but it’s one of the most influential and highly visited SEO blogs. Of course, to have a successful online store, you need to understand very well the ins and outs of SEO—everything from the most basic of meta descriptions and ranking for your industry keyword of choice to the more complex realities of Google’s unrelenting algorithm updates.

Its blog publishes several new articles per week, so check back often to stay inspired and get the latest news on SEO.

The company that runs Moz also sells SEO tools to help ecommerce businesses of all sizes stay competitive on the web.



This ecommerce news blog hails from the UK and offers a furious publication schedule of news and tips related to the best practices of ecommerce. You should definitely check back here every day, as new news items are always being published on a daily basis on this blog! Topics the site covers includes everything from new ecommerce demographics (like Generation Z) and holiday-retail strategies to the latest news surrounding SEO updates.

This blog has been regularly publishing news for the last 10 years, making it another go-to site for anything and everything related to running a successful ecommerce business.

Interesting is the blog’s layout, which features a very usable card-based design for easy reading and scanning of news stories.



As this site’s name implies, its focus is heavily on drastically improving conversions on your ecommerce site. Featuring anything from case studies and how-tos to specific analyses of industry-specific ecommerce sites (read: comparing sites that sell bicycles to other sites that sell bicycles), ConversionXL features very long blog entries that are jam-packed with heavy and detailed information.

Written in a no-nonsense and in-your-face style, this blog prides itself on giving its readers all they need to achieve excellent conversion rate optimization on their sites. Refer to this blog when you want to figure out how to use images to boost conversions or where on the product webpage the best place would be to showcase product benefits!

Crazy Egg’s The Daily Egg Blog


Crazy Egg is marketing guru Neil Patel’s user-behavior tracking tool, and The Daily Egg is its blog devoted to all things conversions and A/B testing on your ecommerce site. This blog features several new articles each week related to using visual content to improve your online store’s conversions, relying on content marketing to promote your ecommerce business, and even such basic knowledge as conducting your own SEO audit.

In short, this site is jam-packed with essential information that a small online store owner needs to get ahead in the marketplace. Another long-running blog, The Daily Egg features a rotating slew of marketers who write from a CRO standpoint!

Search Engine Land


As the name implies, this ecommerce news publication is all about covering search: search terms, algorithms, rankings and so on. Even AdWords, or paid search, is part of the coverage. As such, this resource is very beneficial to small business online store owners because it gives them very deep information about how to rank higher and better in search results.

And what ecommerce store owner doesn’t want that?

The beauty of Search Engine Land is that it publishes several news stories a day, making it closer to a news publication than an actual blog. This is advantageous for online store owners because the site is an excellent way to keep up with the latest in both organic and paid search.



This blog focuses mainly on email marketing, an integral aspect of promoting your ecommerce store. Its card-based design makes searching for the news article that’s appropriate for your interests a breeze. Email marketing topics that are covered on this blog include:

  • Creating better emails
  • Growing your email lists
  • The use of images within your emails
  • Making calls to action in emails pop

All in all, this blog is more specialized than the rest, so if you’re planning on launching an ambitious email marketing campaign or just want to master the basics of email marketing, then reading MailerLite is definitely a smart idea.

The blog is a part of the MailerLite site, which is an email marketing service.

Search Engine Journal


Another huge publication that covers everything related to organic and paid searches on the web, Search Engine Journal provides you with coverage that’s essential to operating a successful ecommerce store. This ecommerce news site is full of stories about link building, the latest Google algorithm updates, the importance of mobile in finding your ecommerce store, and so much more.

Expect to read a lot if you regularly visit this site: it publishes numerous stories a day to give small business owners a front seat to what they need to do to make their sites ascend in Google search rankings. It features stories across categories like SEO, paid search, content marketing, and social media.

Actionable ecommerce news for your online store

The success of your online store depends on the industry news you read. These eight sites and publications are fantastic for keeping you in the loop of what’s constantly happening in ecommerce, SEO, paid search, retail, and everything else related to having a small, online business!

You can use the information from these sites in two ways. You can help your search rankings with the tips and strategies you’ll read about, and you can get a lot of inspiration for the sorts of topics to cover if you want to start your own blog on your ecommerce site.

All told, being ahead of the game in the ecommerce industry means having the right information at your fingertips. These eight sites make sure you have all that and more, so you can run the very best online store with up-to-date ecommerce news!

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